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Domain SponsorZ : Demo - How it Works
Advertiser Demo - How it Works
Let's take a look at how the service works by looking at an arbitrary domain www.ABCmarketing.com

1. The owner of the domain www.ABCmarketing.com comes to us to look for an appropriate advertiser.  

2. We add the domain to our system and begin to test the traffic 

3. We estimate the average daily type-in traffic by analyzing its independent traffic statistics.

4. We will then send an email to the advertiser who would benefit most from the traffic based on our analysis and domain keyword data. 

  • For the name ABCmarketing.com, visitors are looking for information about "marketing" so we find advertisers who want these keyword related visitors. 

5. An advertiser joins our service, submits the URL they want the traffic sent to and takes a free 3 day traffic test.  

  • The advertiser can check how well our traffic is doing using Domain SponsorZ advance ROI tracking system 
  • The advertiser can view reports to see that the traffic matches the independent website stats for the type-in domain

6. All traffic from http://www.abcmarketing.com is now redirected to the advertiser's site, http://www.marketingtips.com/

7. The advertiser, www.marketingtips.com for example funds his account securely through Paypal or by credit card and pays only for every unique 24 hour type-in visitor to http://www.marketingtips.com/

8. As long as the advertiser's account balance remains above $0, he will continue to receive redirected traffic from the type-in domain.  

9. If the traffic quality or ROI ever falls below that of Overture's for the same keyword, you don't pay. 

  • If Marketingtips.com finds that the traffic that is being sent from ABCmarketing.com performs worse than the traffic he receives from Overture, he does not pay, or we lower his cost per type-in so that the traffic outperforms Overture.  

Thanks for completing our demo! 

You may register for our services and begin your free 3-day traffic test by clicking here.

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