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The Bumdo.com website generates on average over 50,000 unique visitors every month, we sell banner space on the top right of our site in a very high click through rate position at prices of $5.00 CPM (Cost-Per-Thousand impressions). Minimum purchase of $25 (5000 Impressions). For more information or to start adveritsing your site here please contact us at advertisers@bumdo.com

f you're on this page, it means you understand that someone out there has a very valuable stream of targeted traffic which your site could benefit from. If you are interested in advertising directly on our site we offer a few options, first we sell text link ads which are direct links to your website on every page of our site. You can purchase those here:

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Below, we help to explain:

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What do we do?

Essentially, we're quality independent traffic matchmakers.  We work with two parties

  1. Domain owners who have unused domains receiving traffic
  2. You, the advertiser

We provide a safe and secure platform for both parties to benefit by allowing the domain owner to lease their traffic to the advertiser who can benefit from it the most.  

Who do we work with?

Bumdo represents many of the world's largest domain owners, helping them most effectively monetize their undeveloped domain names.

On the other side of the coin, we are currently working with over 70 different advertisers, including several Fortune 500 companies, sending them the highest quality web traffic from these targeted, generic, domain names.

Where does your traffic come from? 

All our traffic comes from type-in domains, and expired domain name traffic - the best quality traffic on the web. This is the traffic certain domains continue to get day after day without any advertising.  

For example, chances are if you were looking to purchase flowers for an upcoming anniversary, you might type www.flowers.com directly into your address bar without searching for the term 'flowers' in a search engine.

Why are type-in names the most targeted form of traffic? 

These visitors have gone to the trouble of entering a line of text containing your keyword(s) in the address bar of their internet browser. Many people type in the Dot Com domain name formed from the item they are looking for, e.g. they enter 'www.nailpolish.com' when looking to buy nail polish or 'www.arctictravel.com' when looking for information on arctic travel. You don't have to find your audience: your audience finds you.   

On average, this traffic converts roughly 200-300% better than any form of search engine or pay-per-click traffic.  

Why was I emailed?

We deal with a large network of domain owners who own these type-in domains.  If, for example, the owner of www.flowers.com requested us to find a partner suitable for his domain, we would seek out the advertisers who would most value traffic related to the keyword 'flowers.'  

We've found you because a type-in domain owned by one of our members would benefit you the most.

Can I test the traffic you have for me?

Yup.  We are so sure your site will benefit from our services, that we will start you off with 3 days of free traffic from the type-in domain mentioned in the email you received.  

How can I track how effective it is?

We provide you with ROI (return on investment) tracking code which you simply insert on your sales or thank you page to see how well our traffic has worked for you.  You can navigate our detailed reports to see how many visitors we have sent you. 

How much traffic will I get?

We provide a rough gauge of how many daily type-ins you will receive by looking at the average daily type-ins a domain has generated in the past.

Obviously, a generic domain like www.cars.com will get thousands of type-ins a day whereas a name like www.stockpicks.com will get fewer, more targeted type-ins day-to-day.

What do I pay for? 

You pay a flat rate cost per type-in for each unique visitor (each unique visitor in a 24 hour period) that is sent to your site from the domain at a rate equivalent to your Overture bid cost per click on the relevant keyword. 

How do I fund my account? 

You can fund your account quickly and easily by using either Paypal or a credit card. We'll conveniently notify you when your balance is low.

How does your traffic compare with PPC traffic?

Our services is similar to the Overture pay-per-click, but the traffic performs about 200-300% more effectively because:

  • You get all the traffic - You don't compete with other advertisers for the same keyword
  • No copywriting - You do not have to create ads which must be approved.
  • Ease of use - No major bid adjusting, or work required to maintain traffic flow. 
  • Higher visitor quality - The visitor has gone to the trouble of physically typing the domain in their address bar.   

What is your 100% satisfaction and performance guarantee?

Our service is a win win proposition for you.  Since we are confident type-in traffic quality is far superior to any other form of traffic, we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with the traffic you receive.  

If at anytime the ROI or conversion rate you receive from your type-in traffic falls below that of Overture's search engine traffic for the matching keyword, you do not pay. 

Please sign me up for your services and my 3-day traffic test. 

You may join our services as an advertiser by clicking here.

Have questions? 

Email our support staff if you need assistance in any way.  

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