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Established Comparison Shopping Website + Domain Name Sale : CompareDiscount.com





CompareDiscount.com is an established online comparison shopping website that earns revenue and link partners by charging a fee to place a link to a merchants product or service on the site. We have also taken the entire inventory of Clickbank products and using CSV Import (a script installed on the server) imported them into the site with our affiliate ID to earn revenue from traffic to our own products.  This can also be done with sites like Overstock, you can download there entire inventory and import it onto the site so you can earn revenue on a very high conversion rate. Site also earns revenue selling text link ads (currently has two links sold on LinkWorth @ $45/mo) and it also uses 3rd party advertising solutions such as CasaleMedia and CPX Interactive to earn another $25/mo. With over 8000 links pointing to this site and hundreds of pages already indexed in the search engines and site earning revenue through sites like CJ/Clickbank you can't go wrong if you put some time back into this site. The domain name itself is worth the price, and a market cap in the billions for comparison shopping sites you cannot find a better deal! NOT EVEN CLOSE!

Why is this site being sold? Well the site needs some work and needs to be finished, we simply have not had time to finish it. The site loads a bit slow on the right side, it could be database retrieval or just to much on the page. Buyer of this site should have at least minimal HTML/PHP/MYSQL experience in order to finish this site and make changes to the overall appearance of the site.

Sale of this website includes 3 free months of hosting on our dedicated server (3.99/mo) after that, includes database, images, files and custom designed advertising script with admin interface and plugins.

You are buying a true asset here, below is a an appraisal based on the keywords and content of the domain name. We are currently liquidating a clients domain name portfolio - all auctions are NO RESERVE and premium domain names and websites only!

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Domain Registrar: Godaddy

Date Website Established: October 12, 2005

Domain Expiration Date: May 16th, 2008

Domain Google Pagerank: 2 (3 if you remove the outgoing text link sales links)

Google Indexed Pages : 462

Domain Alexa Ranking: 1,427,795

Includes hosting / templates / developed webpage: YES - All content / databases / Hosting Account / Scripts

Total Inbound Links Reporting : 8050 Inbound links pointing to this site



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Summary Period: Last 12 Months
Generated 29-Aug-2007 04:16 SAST

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Summary by Month
Month Daily Avg Monthly Totals
Hits Files Pages Visits Sites KBytes Visits Pages Files Hits
Aug 2007 2520 2375 1004 443 6178 2692184 12862 29129 68882 73083
Jul 2007 2867 2562 1335 487 7741 2259928 15111 41406 79422 88877
Jun 2007 2182 1834 1022 495 7276 1321732 14866 30676 55034 65474
May 2007 1799 1338 796 338 4657 1207382 10484 24696 41505 55786
Apr 2007 3351 2009 923 498 6484 987742 14946 27694 60284 100548
Mar 2007 4291 2381 762 474 8866 855531 14696 23638 73822 133034
Feb 2007 2634 2240 714 428 8259 725760 12002 19999 62743 73763
Jan 2007 6776 5975 1963 1012 13186 2396828 31388 60872 185255 210065
Dec 2006 3315 2883 1178 524 8991 1287263 16245 36529 89396 102766
Nov 2006 4618 3918 1737 668 11317 1976068 20058 52134 117562 138542
Oct 2006 1480 1380 525 255 3413 559003 7913 16297 42791 45899
Sep 2006 1637 1501 603 290 4060 666209 8713 18098 45036 49132
Totals 16935630 179284 381168 921732 1136969





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Estimated Value / Appraisal:


BUMDO - Buy, Sell, Park & Earn with the ultimate Domain Name Aftermarket
Appraisal Date:   07/27/2007
Appraisal Number: 22202
Domain Name Appraisal for: CompareDiscount.com
Optimal Market Value:   $8500.00 - $12200.00
Estimated Auction Value:   $855.00 - $1265.00
Estimated Website Value:   $6575.00 - $8890.00
Estimated Total Value: $14025.00 - $16090.00
Certified by Bumdo.com "Leading the domain name revolution"
Your appraisal is based on a variety of factors related to the name itself.  We have compared the name to recent sales of similar domains, evaluated recent market trends, and applied a desirability factor based on these trends.  Your appraisal is backed by one of the leaders in the domain name aftermarket, Bumdo.Com.
Determining a Domain Name's value is crucial in today's marketplace.  As more people worldwide become interested in domains, the demand for high-quality names has increased, driving up prices significantly in the past six months.  Our rating methodology includes metrics found at all domain appraisal sites as well as proprietary factors.
 (Scale:1=Low, 10=High)
   Top Level Domain (TLD) COM 10
   Length 15 6
   Number of Words 2 8
   Number of Hyphens 0 10
   Numeric Characters 0 10
   Domain Category : E-Commerce 10
   Desirability 998 998
   ( Scale: 0.0 - Infinity )
Top-Level Domain (TLD):  Generally, the .com TLD is the most sought-after amongst buyers and will ensure the highest value of a given domain.  Other popular TLDs, such as .net and .org, might limit the versatility of the domain, implying a certain type of site reside on the domain.  In some cases, a country code TLD (ccTLD) will be more applicable than a generic TLD.
Length:  Generally, shorter names are more valuable when compared to longer length names.   Shorter names are easier to remember, but they are also more scarce.
Number of Words:  Generally, domain names comprised of words are better than a name made up simply as a combination of letters. Long names with several words are typically not as valuable as shorter names with fewer words because shorter names are easier to remember.
Number of Hyphens:  Names without hyphens are more valuable than their counterparts because they are thought to be easier to remember and type.
Numeric Characters:  Names that contain a combination of letters and numbers are typically less valuable than domain names that are either all alphabetic characters or all numeric.
Desirability:  Domain name value is based on the demand for a particular name.  Domain names that are suitable for niche markets will have fewer interested buyers than names that relate to a broad market, decreasing the value of the name.

                  Recent Sales and Current Domain Name Market Trends

Recent Comparable Sales
One of the best resources for determining the value of a domain name is researching comparable sales from aftermarkets. We compile recent domain name sales from sites like SEDO, TDNAM, AfterNIC, Moniker, and even eBay.




 Terms and conditions:
All domain name / Website sales are final, we do not provide refunds on domain names. Payment for item should be received within 48 hours if paying with PayPal and no more than 7 days if paying by money order or cashiers check. We make no guarantees on actual PPC earnings for the future or traffic amounts - all figures are estimates or past performance which has no guarantee on future performance. No corporation, LLC, or any other form of business is being transferred in this sale. No business accounts, physical assets or paperwork is included unless otherwise specified in the description.

Domain Name Transfer:

Domain Name will be pushed from our Godaddy account to your Godaddy account free of charge, if you are using another register please let us know, you will be responsible for all transfer fees associated with your registrar.


Minimum offer: 1,000.00
Asking price: 2,500.00
Current offer: No offers
Number of offers: 0
Category: WEBSITES
Average Monthly Visitors: N/A - Not Parked
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